Do You Have a Bingo Fund?

Do You Have a Bingo Fund?

Written by: Glo Wood on 14/12/2011 09:30

Some bingo players have a fund set aside strictly for bingo purposes while others don’t find it necessary when there is no risk in the game.

Risk? Oh there’s risk involved. Spending money to play online bingo may require you to pay close attention to how much you’re spending. For example, one game of bingo may consist of 48 tickets, several Scratch Cards and maybe even a few spins on the slots. Planning out what your bingo expenses will be for the month may be a practical thing to do but does it take the fun out of our favorite game?

Some players are a bit more detailed. They first determine how many hours they plan to spend playing bingo and divide that number by the amount in their bingo fund to figure out how much cash they’ve got to play.

Accounting, bingo funds and limits seem to take the spontaneity right out of the game but is it something that would benefit us all? Sure it’s sensible to play no more than what is reasonable for your budget. Play no more than you can stand to lose.

Whether or not you’ve got a bingo fund, there’s much fun to be had and there’s even room for a bit of profit if you’re careful.

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