Do or Die - Gala Bingo Insists the Games Must Go On

Do or Die - Gala Bingo Insists the Games Must Go On

Written by: ava carson on 21/01/2012 17:05

Is it a matter of rules and regulations or should there be an exceptions, that’s the question at Gala Bingo hall in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire. Rules were made to be broken and after Thursday night’s tragic event bingo players are left bewildered and shaken by the decisions made.

During the bingo session an elderly woman collapsed and turned blue but due to company policy Gala Bingo management insisted to keep playing. The woman laid unconsciousness where she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Sharon Dunn, a bingo player at the hall was shocked at the decision stating: “It was clear the woman was in a bad way.”

“She was struggling to breathe and started to turn blue and people were quite distressed.

“But a woman came on stage and announced it was company procedure always to carry on with the bingo. 

Adding: a staff first aider tended to the victim, who was aged “about 60”, until paramedics arrived.

She went on to say: “They began all the procedures and even had what appeared to be a defibrillator machine out.

“The woman was eventually carried out with a blanket over her and we feared the worst.

“All the time, the caller was continuing to call out the numbers.

“We couldn’t believe it. A bit of decency and compassion would have been nice.”

One regular customer said: “I haven’t heard about this death but I’m not surprised that’s what happened.

“There have been a few incidents where people have collapsed and the games always continue.

“It’s a tricky one. Some folk think they should stop but I guarantee they’d get complaints if they did.”

Another player added: “Some of these games are linked to other halls so you can’t just stop.

“There are a lot of older people playing and it’s quite a charged atmosphere so medical problems aren’t that unusual. It’s accepted that the show must go on.”

Gala Bingo said the death was a tragedy and their thoughts were with the woman’s family.

They added: “Our initial approach in such instances is to create as calm an environment as possible, to reduce the stress for the customer in question, their friends and family and our qualified first aider until the emergency services arrive.

“In this case, it was felt the best way of dealing with this particular incident was to continue with the bingo.

“Our staff are trained to deal with situations like this and carried out all the correct procedures until the paramedics arrived.”

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