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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/12/2009 15:48

This month, as in any other month Cheeky Bingo has got millions of points lined up for members to win during December. For the people who don’t know what these points mean, they mean free bingo CASH. Take a dip in the Cheeky Chest this month and you will come up trumps.

For example, if you become a Facebook fan of the site, not only will you find out about all the lovely Cheeky specials up for grabs first, you will also be given a 2 000 point bonus, just for becoming a fan. If you are already a member of this site, I would say that you are already a fan, but just re-iterate your fan-ship and you get extra points which are worth £2!

There is so much free bingo available on this site that it is not even funny. One thing they did right was come up with this innovation, because it has taken UK bingo by storm. Once Cheeky Bingo started with free bingo games and real cash prizes on offer, every other site in the UK had to offer this or get left behind eating the dust of stampeding fans as they migrated to Cheeky. This has revolutionized free bingo and this is more than just a trend it is a phenomenon.

Every second site is trying to out “free bingo” the next and the end result of this is that the members benefit. One site offers prizes of £20, then the next advertises £50, and so it goes, and this is how this prize money is growing. We are even seeing £1 000 free bingo games every now and then, and I do believe that this has also been the cause of the penny game onslaught, where members can get their hands on stupid amounts of money for as little as 1 or 2p! Thank you Cheeky Bingo, we love you!

Cheeky Bingo

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