Different Types of Bingo and How to Improve your Chances

Different Types of Bingo and How to Improve your Chances

Written by: Glo Wood on 12/04/2021 18:35

Bingo is available at an increasing number of online betting sites and comes in assorted different styles. Read on for more on the basic game types, and ways to give yourself a little edge.

Different Bingo Variations

Many online casino games come with different variations, and bingo is no exception to this. The game’s been rising in popularity online recently, and this has only increased with the advent of the pandemic which has encouraged people to play in cyberspace rather than in person. Sometimes sites even offer free games to players which is a great way to play online for the first time.

Probably the most popular type of game in the United Kingdom is the bingo hall classic 90 ball style. Playing it is pretty straightforward; you just buy your tickets and settle in. Numbers are called randomly, and if one of yours is called then you cover/dab them. Players receive prizes for covering an entire line, or two lines, but cover all three and you’ve got yourself a Full House, and the biggest prize of all. The tickets are 3x9, with four empty slots and five numbers per line. The payout is normally determined by the number of participants and ticket cost. However, some games have fixed payouts (more on this below). Often, players can buy multiple tickets which increases the cost but also makes it likelier you’ll end up winning.

The 75 ball game is more popular across the Pond in North America. The tickets for this game are a 5x5 grid with the central square being ‘free’ and every other square having a number from 1 to 75. Unlike the line approach to 90 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo comes with a variety of winning patterns (it might be a heart shape, for example) but the relevant one will be made clear before the game starts.

For both 90 and 75 ball variations the return to players is about 70%, with the house retaining the other 30%.

Newcomers to bingo will find all these rules explained on betting sites, and can discover how to redeem bingo no deposit bonuses and effectively play for free, while still having the chance of winning real cash. The great advantage of no deposit promos is that it reduces the potential outcomes to losing nothing, and winning cash, as well as allowing players to explore games without any stress at all.

If time’s short or you just prefer things fast, then the 3x3 tickets of 30 ball bingo are the way to go. Naturally, the much smaller number range means games are over far more quickly than the two main variants outlined above. The 4x4 tickets of 80 ball bingo also allow players to win by completing lines vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, or by covering each corner.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

Special offers are provided by online casinos for slots, roulette, and card games, and for bingo as well. Bingo bonuses can include free games which may be offered as a recurring promotion to help retain player loyalty. The chance to win real cash prizes without even paying for a single ticket is a pretty sweet deal, providing all the upsides of playing bingo and none of the drawbacks.

A more general no deposit free cash bonus can be used to play pretty much everything in a casino, which includes slots, table games, and bingo. This can be especially useful if you feel like spreading your betting wings a little and seeing what other game categories are like, or you can buy a few more tickets than usual to increase your chance of winning at bingo.

Room Size and Other Tips and Tricks

In addition to promotions, there are other approaches players can take themselves to try and shift things in their favour. The randomness of the numbers cannot be altered, but there are other aspects of the game that lie within the player’s control.

Most of the time a player can only win if they complete lines, but this isn’t always the case. A 1tg or 2tg game allows players to win cash if they’re just one or two numbers away from winning the jackpot. It won’t be as much, of course, but can be a welcome consolation prize if you get within a hair’s breadth of winning big only to lose out at the last gasp.

Another thing to consider is how many players there are. The fewer that turn up, the better your individual chance of winning, but the lower (usually) the prize will be. If you want to maximize your chances of finishing ahead then finding a game/time slot with few players is the way to go.

Fixed payouts are an alternative type of top prize. Most of the time, winnings are determined by the number of ticket sales. But with fixed payouts it’s always a certain level. A fixed payout game with fewer participants means that you stand to make more than if you were playing at a table with a prize consisting of ticket proceeds.

Playing in Real Life

Bingo halls are widely accessible in the United Kingdom and around the world, and are one of the most social and relaxed ways to have a little bet. It’s also slightly unusual in betting terms in that the vast majority of participants are women rather than men.

Playing online has made bingo easier to play than ever before, whether by desktop, laptop or smartphone. It’s proven far more inherently resilient during the pandemic than real world bingo, where the only way to play has been through socially distanced games through socially distanced games that aren’t anywhere near as convenient as online play, or as social as a proper game in a bingo hall.

Once things return to normal, bingo halls will come roaring back, but playing online will always remain as a great way to play, especially for quick games.

Bingo comes in a variety of styles, and while players can’t affect the numbers there are certain tips and tricks that can increase your chances of winning.

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