Deal or No Deal Escalator Jackpot

Deal or No Deal Escalator Jackpot

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/12/2010 09:35
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We’ve just received word of an exciting Deal or No Deal bingo game at Mecca Bingo that currently has a jackpot that’s just under £100,000 – the best part is that this jackpot is progressive meaning it will continue to grow until it is won. Mecca bingo has run this kind of jackpot in the past with the winner usually requiring a bingo in 31 calls or less to scoop the entire jackpot – things on this promo work a little differently and will hopefully make more than one persons Christmas or New Years wish come true.

Escalator Jackpot

From the 14th December the jackpot and number of calls required to scoop the prize has been climbing, the calls will increase by one each day until the 25th December or earlier if the jackpot is won. The total calls started at 32 and this has risen to 36 calls or less today.

A really nice feature of the Deal or No Deal escalator is that the winner takes the lions share of the jackpot (50%) with the remaining halve being split between the remaining players who at least have one ticket in the room. It’s kind of like the Clover Rollover but it will actually happen pretty soon.


Deal or No Deal

The game wouldn’t be Deal or No Deal without an offer from the banker and thankfully this progressive is no different. The winner of each game will be offered a ‘deal’ for a box that had been previously selected with the amount in each box changing depending on how much was staked on the game.

So lot’s of interesting things happening over at Mecca bingos, we can’t wait for the jackpot to drop. Fingers crossed some of our lovely roomies are playing at the time. Good luck.


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