Daughter Swindles £100,000 From Mother For Online Bingo

Daughter Swindles £100,000 From Mother For Online Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 09/04/2014 14:00

Abbi Kinsella is found guilty after stealing £100,000 from her ailing mother that suffers from dementia. The 54 year old daughter now faces jail time after the verdict from the jury which took only 20 minutes to deliberate.

The 88 year old mother, Margaret Bowyer a pensioner was put out on the street and left penniless. Mrs. Bowyer acquired the money from after selling her property in Swadlincote, Derbyshire and moved next door to her daughter in Tamworth Staffordshire

After Kinsella depleted her mother’s account she cancelled her rent payments in 2011. In 2012 the pensioner was evicted from the rented home and was in to poor of health to give evidence against her daughter.

Kinsella spent £34,000 of the money to play online Bingo and a holiday excursion in St Tropez. In the course of a three year period more than £61,000 was transferred from her mother’s account including 244 cash withdrawals totaling more than £38,000.

Detective Constable Mark Woodings of the Staffordshire Police, said:

‘The victim is an extremely vulnerable elderly lady.

‘When she became unable to manage her own financial affairs due to the onset of dementia, the family entrusted Kinsella to look after her interests and welfare.

‘Kinsella went on to abuse that trust in a most heartless and callous way, stealing every penny of her mother’s life savings.

‘She systematically and repeatedly helped herself to more than £100,000 in order to feed a gambling habit and to live a life beyond her means.

‘Her actions have left a proud lady homeless, penniless and in debt for the first time in her life.’ Mrs Bowyer is now thought to be living in a care home in Tamworth.’

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