Dare you take on Trigger1 at Chit Chat bingo?

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 02/05/2009 20:00
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Chit Chat Bingo have just launched the ‘Slots Challenge’ where they have one of their biggest online slots winners ‘Trigger1’ throwing down the gauntlet to other online bingo site slots players to try to better his success. It is true to say that Trigger1 is a successful winner after scooping an amazing £26,480.21 playing the online bingo slots and after placing only a £4 stake. This has prompted Chit Chat bingo to launch the Slot Challenge tournament, and the press release includes several statements from Trigger1 to try to encourage online bingo slots players to take on the challenge, such as “Chit Chat Bingo Team asked me if I wanted to host my own slots tournament and I said bring it on” and “I dare anyone to beat my jackpot”.

It would seem that Chit Chat Bingo are trying to bring the hint of the Wild West, the squinting menace of the poker room and the premise of skill to what is essentially a fun, friendly online bingo game site . One of the lovely things about online bingo sites and of course high street bingo halls is the sense of community, the pat on the back at the bingo hall for a winner or the WDW in the online chat rooms. There is no sinister sneer of ‘I am better than you’, so therefore it is a shame that maybe Chit Chat Bingo are trying to bring in the ‘poker face’ mentality to what should essentially be a sociable, no skill needed game site - still whatever floats your boat!

Should you be interested in taking part in the Chit Chat Bingo slot challenge hosted by Trigger1 then get down to Chit Chat Bingo during May and you could be the lucky winner of the £3,000 prize for being the biggest winner on one spin – and maybe you can wipe the self satisfied smirk off Trigger1’s face.


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