Cozy Games Launches New Bingo Variant

Cozy Games Launches New Bingo Variant

Written by: Glo Wood on 29/11/2015 15:55

Fans of Cozy Games may have something exciting to look forward to with its introduction of a new bingo variant known as "The Wizard of Bingo".

The 75-ball variant is based on The Wizard of Oz and involves ticket elimination. The wicked witch randomly appears during a game to curse numbers, which will in turn eliminate one of three lifelines from the tickets. Once three cursed numbers have been called all three lifelines go with them and the tickets are set ablaze. There is still hope for us all though as players can use the Ruby Shoes to save their lifelines and prevent their tickets from going up in flames.

As with any bingo game, this variation can create more than one winner per game and the player with the most tickets at the end wins the largest share of the prize pot.

Neeraj Jha, Director of Cozy Games said, "Players love to try new games and at Cozy we have always come up with innovative game ideas. Wizard of Bingo is one such game that cuts from the regular run-of-the-mill games by using elimination bingo theory. The game is highly engaging and we hope our players will love the game play experience."

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