Cow Pie Bingo

Cow Pie Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/09/2011 16:05

Cow poop isn’t just for fertilizer anymore as Cow Pie Bingo is sprouting all over in the United States. It’s the new way to play bingo and Americans are loving it.

Found at local fairs and rodeos, the event is mainly for charity and to raise money for local townships.

This past weekend The Annual Autumn Fair was held for the Geneva Park District in Illinois and hopes to raise charitable donations to improve the parks, recreation facilities and quality of life for the residents.

Bingo chips are replaced with cow pies as open fields are marked with square grids replacing the bingo cards. The cows are well fed by the farmers before the big event to produce quick results and lots of cow chips.

Six cows participated in the event and were placed in a field with 100 numbered squares. Numbered squares are sold to contestants at five dollars each. The cows roam freely as the eager crowds waits patiently for them to plop a poop on their number.

Bingo games take place every half hour throughout the day and in the event the cow just isn’t feeling the need to produce, fake poop is brought in.

Americans known for the apple pie slogan may now be replaced with “baseball, hotdogs, cow pies and Cheverolet.

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