Countdown to Your Christmas With Virgin Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/12/2009 14:59

The big news at Virgin Bingo at the moment is the countdown to Christmas and this started at the beginning of the week. Traditionally there are 12 days of Christmas, not 24. However the tradition states that your true love should give you partidges, pear trees and leaping lords, but this site know you don’t want that rubbish and would much rather have gifts and cash and stuff. So that is what they are giving you.

They have a budget of more than £10 000 to make sure that your gifts will be worthwhile and they are also giving away a pile of those very precious V*Points too. 

On the 23rd December it will be the closing day of this super give away and there is only one gift up for grabs. This is a superb gift, it is a 37” Samsung widescreen TV and home theatre system with all the bells and whistles. With a gift like this, you will never have to pay for movie tickets again. At least this is the most common justification for most men persuading their wives that a home theatre system is the most essential home appliance. Imagine if you are able to win one for your hubby and not have to pay for it? Only at Virgin Bingo!

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