Count Your Lucky Stars at Party Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 08/10/2009 15:17

Strange that Party Bingo should be running a “Count Your Lucky Stars” promotion and that this winner is thanking her lucky stars, because she won the Cash Builder Jackpot prize of £10,026.60 in the Lilac Lounge! She is one of the many big winners at this site, and considering there is a winner every 40 seconds, I suppose they can’t let us know who they all are, but you have to think that the next time it might be you.

“Marie045” couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw how much she won when playing at Party Bingo, she said it happened so fast, she couldn’t take it in, and when she told her husband, he thought she was winding him up!!

If you want to know if the lucky stars are in your favour at Party Bingo, and if you are also in line to win the Cash Builder, perhaps you need to consult with Russell Grant? He is the resident astrologer at this site (I wanted to say astrophysicist, LOL). You could be one of the lucky winners to have a consult with this well revered star gazer, and receive a personalised birth chart, as well as some free bingo cards.

The “Count Your Lucky Stars” session plays in the Jade Garden from 2 – 4pm, where the five players who get the most wins on the star signs stand a chance of taking home an extra prize. This is the only time that these patterns pop up; the first prize, as well as your bingo wins, is 50 free cards and the personalized birth chart. Second to fifth prize is only free bingo cards, but you can always try again next time. Knowing what your future foretells is certainly a way of making sure you play bingo in the right place at the right time on Party Bingo.

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