Costa Bingo Levels the playing field with Fair & Square Bingo Games

Costa Bingo Levels the playing field with Fair & Square Bingo Games

Written by: Jeannie on 19/11/2011 08:50
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Costa bingo has always impressed us, what with their ‘better value, bigger jackpots’ motto. They’ve always stood by those founding roots which is one of the main reasons bingo players love the site. Now, as you know bingo on the whole is a game of luck which often leads some players to increase their chances of winning by buying more cards. This leaves out the thrifty bingo player which Costa bingo dislikes.


Introducing… Fair & Square bingo games

To remedy this ‘high roller’ bingo card advantage Costa Bingo has introduce a totally new style of game called ‘Fair & Square’ bingo. During these games every player has the same chances of winning.

The boffins at Costa Bingo have achieved this by setting the rule that every player must have a minimum of 12 cards per game. They’ve also insisted that the maximum number of cards per game will be 12 - so basically 12 bingo cards per fair and square bingo game - it’s so fiendishly simple yet ingenious at the same time!

Two Sessions a week

As this style of game is brand new, Costa bingo has decided to provide two sessions of Fair & Square bingo every Monday evening. The first session plays between 5pm and 6pm in the Pina Colada room and the second session switches to the Kiss Me Quick room between 6pm and 7pm.

We think this style of game will suit Costa Bingo players right down to the ground, it’s a fab concept which other sites will surely adopt in the future. 

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