Costa Bingo Has the New Lingo Info

Costa Bingo Has the New Lingo Info

Written by: ava carson on 17/04/2012 19:55
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Bingo has a long history and it’s been written about a zillion times right? But there is one part of bingo that needs some research and that is how bingo numbers got their unique names known as lingo bingo.

Costa Bingo has to the rescue for inquiring minds that want to know. They have developed an awesome Bingo Lingo infographic. Now finally at last bingo players will know why “Ask for More is 34 or why “A flea in heaven is 37.

Did you know that legend has it that Ethel’s Ear 83 relates to a real Ethel who was a bingo player that had funny shaped ears? How about “House of Bamboo 54, it is from an Andy William song in 1959!

The bingo glossary is beautifully displayed listing each bingo ball 1-90 with a description of how each one got their name with some highlighted with pictures.

"We are delighted to have launched our incredible Bingo Lingo glossary on our website," said Jake Fox from Costa Bingo. "We believe that all of our users will be informed and entertained by the glossary. Hopefully, we might even inspire some people to play some online bingo for the first time!"

Take a walk through of bingo history with Bingo Lingo infographic at Costa Bingo and it will be too irresistible not to linger a bit longer and play Bingo, Slots and Instant Games.

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