Cork’s Rock Bingo is the Focus of a New Year’s Day Raid

Cork’s Rock Bingo is the Focus of a New Year’s Day Raid

Written by: Glo Wood on 03/01/2012 12:00

A bingo hall in Cork celebrated its opening night with a raid. The owners say with confidence that the situation will be resolved as they reassure that all of aspects of their business are operated legally.

Approximately 300 bingo enthusiasts took part in the opening evening’s festivities at the Rock Bingo Centre in Togher, Cork city, on Sunday. These unsuspecting bingo players were completely clueless as to what was happening at the same time. The Gardaí were on site seizing paperwork and of all things, bingo books.

Less than 15 minutes into the bingo session at the new bingo hall on New Year’s Day, the Gardaí arrived to begin their search and seizure project. The Garda warrant is said to be the result of questions surrounding proper licensing for the evening’s games.

Rock Bingo was set to open its doors back on November 1st when the Gardaí arrived with a search warrant and the business was shut down. The High Court declared the operation to be lawful in December.

As part of the legislation governing this bingo establishment, there is a requirement for Rock Bingo to be involved with beneficiary partners, which may include license-holding charities and non-profit organizations.

Owner Dave Barber, on a local Cork radio station, has confirmed that a percentage of takings go to selected charities and non-profit bodies.

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