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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/08/2009 19:55
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We have been hearing a lot about Little Big Bingo lately. The former Think Bingo Cosy site celebrates its one year and gets a new name. It has been revamped to make it entirely different from what was supposed to be its twin site, Think Bingo. Now, it is going on a different direction and we have yet to see what we can expect from Little Big Bingo. Well, let us get to it then.

Little Big Bingo’s point system is unlike any of those comp points systems. You will certainly be rewarded at all systems. It has got its unique advantages that will keep you wanting for more. Some say that comp points are only beneficial to certain level of players. However, with Little Big Bingo, you are assured that whatever level of game play you’re in, there’s always something for you to earn depending on how much you play among others. Their points system allows you better bonus options as well as fair rules and cash prizes among others.

So how do you earn with Little Big Bingo’s new points reward system? It’s easy. Every time you play with real money, you earn points. You will automatically earn those points and you will instantly see them in your bingo account. That way, you can immediately use them if you wish to do so. If you want to get something in their Points Shop, you can in just a few clicks!

What’s even better is that Little Big Bingo has introduced a whole lot of new products in their Points Shop! That means that you’ve got more items to choose from and you can get more value for your reward points! There is something for everyone out there and even exclusive items for those who are Palladium members. Aside from that, there are also great cash bonuses that you can instantly cash out!


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