Clock Up the Bonuses at Minxy Bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/11/2009 11:03

November has been a fantastic month at Minxy Bingo and its not over yet, from the first of the month till the 22nd of the month there has been a brilliant promotion available where members are able to claim a pound a day, absolutely free and gratis, and as there is still a good few days to go, a good few of these bonuses can still be claimed.

For the lucky members who have been claiming from the beginning, they have already managed to notch up quite a bit of free bingo cash. They have only hade to login and spend a pound to claim the pound, so essentially this is like a daily free bingo offer! The total amount of bonuses collected gets deposited into members’ accounts on the 23rd November.

Playing online is easy at Minxy Bingo, they have a great policy on the site “the more you play, the more we pay”, it doesn’t make much more sense than that. There are some fantastic prizes, promotions and bonuses up for grabs every day and the site also offers bingo linx ever single day. Bingo linx are games where a number of sites or rooms link up to offer much larger prize money to winners, look out for these in the Ruby Rich room. 12pm - £1 000, 6:30pm - £2 000 and 10:30pm, the big one - £4 000, all guaranteed games!

In general these are guaranteed jackpots and this means the money has to go. For example the Mega Bingo Linx on the last Sunday of every month, this whopper of a game plays at 10:30pm and there is £10 000 in the prize pot, make a date with Minxy Bingo and don’t miss out on the chance to win this magnificent sum of money.

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