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Written by: kelly on 21/04/2010 12:05
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Chit Chat Bingo is without doubt one of the friendliest sites on the net and it's probably because the members here are winners that they are so friendly. For a couple of months now, Bingo Your Way to Better Prizes has been playing on Thursday nights and they have given away cars, Caribbean holidays, mortgages paid, white goods and or course, the always important cash prize too. Let's take a look at some happy Chit Chat Bingo winners and see what they think!

"Donna190878" was one of the winners to drive off with Big Bingo Brand New Car! She didn't think she was anything near winning when it all began to happen, she was just gaily chatting away to her mates, and the next thing she knew, she was a big winner!! Donna just couldn't believe it, and says if she can win anyone can, so encourages other people to "go for it"!

"x_KaBu_x" won one of the luxury Caribbean holidays and he is jetting off into the sunset. He says he has made some great friends over the years that he has been a member of Chit Chat Bingo - he is also dead pleased with his win! "hhazel" had a ball thanks to her X Factor win of two tickets to see the show live and rub shoulders with the stars, and "whallp" had a big win on a little game with Mini Fruit Salad! This is little game which packs a big wallop and he won £5K.

Just be reminded that Chit Chat Bingo still has a prize for a £1 500 holiday up for grabs this month, as well as lots of other super games and promotions. If these members can win, so can you. Check it out today and play, you have to have a ticket in it to win it, so make sure you get yours right away!


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