Chit Chat Bingo - Make Sure You Play in the Grand Finale

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 11/02/2010 20:28

Tonight at Chit Chat Bingo, the Grand Finale of the Bingo Your Way to Better Prize plays. It will also be playing at the other sites in this network, which includes Littlewoods Bingo. This game has been eagerly awaited during the five weeks of this promotions, but the winners of one prize a week, must all be feeling pretty chuffed with themselves.

The first Thursday it played "jennie1974" won £1 200 worth of whites goods, and although anyone would be delighted with this prize, she was more so. The timing was perfect as she moves house at the end of February. The second prize was a Caribbean holiday valued at £2 200, and this went to "x_KaBu_x", one of the male bingo players at the site, he and his family are looking forward to this. On the third Thursday, £2 400 worth of mortgage payments went to "albiesworld" and last week a £8 000 car was won, and this week in the grand finale, one lucky player is going to win all of these wonderful lifestyle prizes (all four).

In each instance of these games, prize winners were able to choose between the gifts and a cash alternative, choose the gifts, they are far more valuable. You always get less for choosing a cash alternative. By the end of the Bingo Your Way to Better Prizes promotion, Chit Chat will have given away £27 000 worth of prizes, and tonights game is aptly called "Bag it All!".

If you want to bag it all, make sure you play at Chit Chat and make sure you play at 9pm in the Bingo Café. We can't stress enough how important it is to buy a ticket into a game to win, its no good just wishing. But at least is you have a ticket and you don't win, you have the satisfaction of knowing you tried, and better luck next time.

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