Cheeky Bingo Shares Her Secrets

Cheeky Bingo Shares Her Secrets

Written by: ava carson on 23/03/2012 14:55
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While we keep our daily diaries under lock and key, Cheeky peaks our curiosity with that twinkle in one eye and a wink in the other. We can’t help but be a snoop dog and see what she has in her diary. Don’t feel bad, she keeps it unlocked and rumor has it she has thrown away the key as she leads bingo players into temptation.

Looking inside, it reveals some juicy secrets about all the bingo happenings in store. You’ll be ahead of the game before it even gets started with some pretty spectacular promotions.

Pssst….here is the down low of what is inside: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Jackpots! Pocket £250 Jackpots at 4pm and 8pm every day that even a pauper could join in at only 10p per card.

You’ll work up a sweat of excitement with Friday Frenzy offering a Guaranteed Jackpot of £2,500 for just 25p. Remember you can pre-buy ahead of time and not miss out on a single game.

The best is saved for last and that’s the Monthly Monster Promotion. No, nothing is hiding under your bed or hidden your closet. This is bingo action at its best with…. are you ready for this? Your about to dance around the room doing the monster mash with a £5,000 Jackpot that takes place every last Saturday of the month.

The only thing Cheeky left out of her diary was the hot gossip. You know like whom she is dating and all the dirty laundry. C’mon admit it; you want to know what else is behind that wink too don’t you?

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