Cheeky Bingo receives two awards this month

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/06/2009 19:00
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As we all know, the yearly Online Bingo Summit was held this week in London, from June 16th up to the 17th. Cheeky Bingo was lucky to have received two bingo awards at the 4th Annual Online Bingo Summit. It came as a shock as it wasn’t something they have expected. Let’s take a look at this exciting news in more detail.

Cheeky Bingo is one of the unique and new bingo sites in the UK today. That’s why it was no surprise that they bagged the 2009 Best Newcomer award. Imagine they beat the 888Ladies bingo site that was also nominated in the same category. On the other hand, the other award that Cheeky Bingo bagged is the 2009 Best Innovation award. So what’s the great innovation that they came up with? It’s the free online bingo games. Now you know who to thank for! That alone tells us that Cheeky Bingo deserves the award because now, all you online bingo players are reaping its benefits. All of you who are playing free bingo to kill time, to practice, or simply have fun without spending is certainly one of the best things that happened to online bingo!

Cheeky Bingo’s Head of Sales and Marketing, Ben Starr, had commented that they are absolutely delighted to have won the award. According to Starr, they’ve put a lot of effort into creating the concept for Cheeky Bingo. In fact, it was such a big risk to strongly market and promote bingo rooms that are free. Imagine hearing the words free bingo while learning that you get to win for real? Who can resist that offer? Now, a couple of sites are already following their footsteps into offering free bingo. They have high hopes with their free bingo concept but they have never thought that the online bingo industry would be embracing their concept and showering them with awards.

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