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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 19/02/2009 21:00
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One of the youngest online bingo networks in the UK is Cheeky Bingo. If you recall, Cheeky Bingo is one of the latest online bingo sites that was launched this February of 2009. It hasn’t even been a month but already the site is proving to be quite interesting especially with this great news that Cheeky Bingo is offering non-stop free games? Now who would say no to that, huh?

Well, perhaps as an online bingo player for quite some time, you will actually say that it’s nothing special since free online bingo games don’t have real money cash prizes anyway. That’s when you got it all wrong. Cheeky Bingo is about to change that notion that free bingo games don’t give you a monetary return in cash prizes. The fact is, the site is not just offering non-stop free bingo games but they are also offering real money to winners of these free bingo games. Imagine how fun can that be? You don’t have to pay a couple of bucks to join a game that you love playing online and at the same time, you could win real money playing that favorite game of yours for free. It can’t get any better than this, right? So what is the catch?

Well, you don’t have to deposit any money to your account to get the free bingo game. It certainly makes you wonder how they can do this, right? All you need to do is to register where only a few minutes will be taken from your precious time. Once you fill up the registration form, you’re ready to dive in the free bingo games. Cheeky Bingo is offering three rooms just for the free bingo games. The main catch is, the jackpot prizes at these rooms will range from a pound to seven pounds. But hey, you won’t have a hundred pounds without a pound! Players who have been playing all day at the free bingo games have been accumulating their prizes and getting more than twenty pounds. Thus, it’s not so bad after all.

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