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Written by: kelly on 07/05/2010 12:40
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Cheeky Bingo is most widely recognised for the fact that they have two 75 ball free bingo rooms and two 90 ball free bingo rooms, and you can play free bingo 24/7 if you like. What few people know is that there are a lot more bingo thrills to be had at this site than meets the eye. For example there is a 90 ball progressive jackpot prize which can be won in the 5p and 10p bingo rooms and it can be won in 44 calls or less.

44 Bingo calls is a high call count for a progressive jackpot prize in bingo. Traditionally you see the call number being a lot lower than this. But 44 calls ensures more thrills because the game is obviously won more regularly. Check it out today, who knows you may be the next big PJP winner at Cheeky Bingo!

There is also a progressive jackpot prize to be had for the 75 ball bingo players at Cheeky Bingo and if you like your bingo hot, you will find this game played in both Cheeky Minx and the Quick Kicks bingo rooms. This game is the Cheeky Smile PJP, and you will definitely have a cheeky smile all over your dial if you win, because this game isn't quite so easy. You have to call full house in 22 calls or less to win; not impossible, but certainly a triumph of brilliant bingo playing skill if you do.

As for the rest of the games, there is a guaranteed £5000 Jackpot pre-buy special on a Friday Night and you would be mad to miss this game. But wait, you don't have to miss it, because no matter what you have planned, if you buy tickets beforehand, you will still be in with a chance to win!!


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