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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 25/06/2009 19:30

This week, from the 24th of June until the 30th, Platinum Play Bingo is holding a Tennis Week Giveaway. So are you game? Are you ready for your sets and matches of bingo? Well, you should be because there are certainly a lot of exciting things to come at Platinum Play during this tennis week.

Obviously, Platinum Play Bingo is holding this event in honor of Wimbledon. It’s that time of the year again as one of the most prestigious Tennis Cups starts. Our tennis star favorites are battling it once more at the Wimbledon courts. But before we talk about the Tennis Giveaway from Platinum Play Bingo, here’s a brief background on the Wimbledon tournament.

It was in the year 1877 when the first Wimbledon took place. Back then it was considered an amateur tennis competition. Still, there were several hundred people watching the games of Wimbledon. At the same time, only the men’s singles were held during the Wimbledon competition. A total of 22 competitors played during its first year. And of course, it’s important to know who won the first championship game at Wimbledon. So if you’re wondering who, it was none other than Spencer Gore. Come the year 1884, after seven years of Wimbledon men’s single, the men’s double and women’s singles were introduced to the Wimbledon Cup. Now, there are already 20 grass courts being used in Wimbledon. Aside from those, there are courts for the club members, namely five red shale, five indoor, and four clay courts. This 2009, around 200 ball girls and boys will be running around courts. So are you getting excited?

Platinum Play Bingo is certainly increasing the hype of Wimbledon with their Tennis Giveaway. Platinum Play is offering £4460 of giveaway during the week of Wimbledon! You read that right. So go ahead and go to Platinum Play Bingo and check the terms of this hot Tennis promotion.

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