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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 21/05/2009 22:00
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It’s always fun to find new promotions at online bingo networks. It seems like the various online bingo sites have a way to come up with fresh, exciting, and fun offers and promotions each time. Today let’s take a look at what Bingo Magix has to offer its online bingo players.

If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend, then why not try Bingo Magix? They have various games to offer but their “Deal Me In” will probably make you go curious. The game may actually be familiar because it somewhat borrowed the game format from a popular television show. There are various boxes numbered from one up to fifteen and you have to choose one to win the cash prize inside that box. Sounds familiar? Well, it looks like the online bingo version of “Deal or No Deal”. But of course, it’s like no other because we are talking about an online bingo game here. You have to win with a box pattern to be able to win the prize in the box that you chose. It definitely makes online bingo more fun and more exciting when you add in something different to it. In fact, just playing the game is enough to make one’s tiring day at work go away. Winning the game becomes just the bonus of this fun pastime.

If you think that’s the only twist in their online bingo, you’re mistaken. There’s still more. You can even beat their CM or chat moderator if you can answer the “Deal Me In” question in just thirty seconds. If you can’t answer, it will be revealed to everyone playing in the room. It’s a 75-ball game that can win you a hundred pounds each round! So why don’t you check it out now and see what the box has in store for you!

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