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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 16/05/2009 09:00
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Wink Bingo is one of the hippest websites to be in the world of online bingo. It certainly has a lot of great promotions and offerings that keep the online bingo lovers coming back for more. In fact, it’s fairly new, only a few years since it has opened, but is already one of the leading online bingo sites of today. Why wouldn’t they be if they have several great offers such as their numerous 90-ball bingo games that are a real treasure? Take a look at their various 90-ball bingo games and the great prizes that await you.

One of their 90-ball bingo games is the 2K club, meaning the two thousand pounds club. It takes its name from the prize being offered in this game. Yes, you guessed it right. They offer a guaranteed two thousand pounds for this game. Every 30th or end of the month, they offer this great promotion of two thousand pounds in their 2K club 9-ball bingo room. It’s just like their 10K club but on a humbler sense.

Simply go to Wink Bingo and look for the 90 Jackpots Tab. Once you are there, look for the 2K Club Jackpot Room and you are just a click away from getting the chance of winning two thousand pounds. What’s even great is that the bingo cards are only 25p but from time to time, they offer it at only 1p per bingo card! Imagine such bargain! You get to play your favorite game for only 1p and you get the chance of taking home a whopping two thousand pounds! That’s certainly a great deal. One line wins you two hundred fifty pounds, while the two lines win you seven hundred fifty pounds. The full house winner gets a thousand pounds.

Of course, they also have the five hundred pounds risk-free 90-ball bingo game. Every Friday at 9:45 PM, make sure to be at the £500 Risk Free Jackpot Room. Tickets only cost 10p. And if you don’t win, everything you spent on the bingo cards for this game will be reimbursed and deposited to your account the next Monday. Can you believe that? That’s why they call it risk-free!

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