Chat Rooms at Sun Bingo are Even Better Than Before

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 25/01/2009 19:00
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In order to make the new Sun bingo even better than it ever was, they have renamed and redecorated the chat room. This means that a whole host of new chat features are on offer and these include fun emoticons to use while chatting, also regular quizzes and games. It is without a doubt that members will love these new rooms, but the new Sun bingo does want to make sure that you are able to stay in touch with all the friends you have already made at the site, so there are a few guidelines to follow when playing in chat.

Looking at the new chat details on the Sun website, you will see that you are able to access both “Old chat room style” and “New chat room style” The instructions and guidelines are well laid out and beautifully illustrated for your ease of use. So there is no need to worry about getting into either of these chat modes, they are both just as user friendly as each other.

There is also a completely detailed chat guidelines section included and this is a good piece of reading, as you will have to remain within the confines of these guidelines in order to be welcome in the chat rooms. Basically the Sun bingo chat room guidelines are just good common sense, like choosing an inoffensive alias and remaining polite and friendly while chatting. This generally includes no bad language and no racist or other politically incorrect remarks. Pretty much how you would be expected to behave in any place that is in the public domain, it is really all just about being polite. Another thing, don’t forget to make new bingo members feel welcome when they come online, sometimes it is quite intimidating to break into chat when you are new.

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