Channel Five crosses over to online bingo

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 24/06/2009 23:00

Channel Five is one of the television broadcasting networks in the UK targeted to younger men. But now, they seem to be the next crossover, tackling not just the television but online bingo as well. Well, you’ll certainly get some new bingo love with Channel Five crossing over from your television to your computer monitor. The latest rumor is that a new online bingo will be formed by TV’s Channel Five. They seem to be trying out a different format aside. Even after ITV’s television bingo show and online bingo have been suddenly shut down without much reason, Channel Five is still giving TV and online bingo a chance.

After the sudden closure of ITV bingo, we never expected another online bingo network to try out the TV format. But we were wrong. Channel Five seems to be brave enough to conquer both the television and the World Wide Web market in terms of bingo and television shows. Well, at least those are the rumors flying over the online bingo world. According to our bingo spies, Channel Five is collaborating with PartyGaming to create them an online bingo and at the same time, a casino site to add to their television site’s package. Well, as reported, all these will be up and running this 2009. Do you have high hopes for Channel Five?

We certainly hope for them the best because for one, they already have an edge as compared to the rest of the newbie online bingo operators. For one, they already have an advertising space as well as targeted audience to begin with. To promote their online bingo and online casino, all they have to do is to advertise in their own television network. This doesn’t seem too hard to do. They just have to make a really attractive and show-stopping advertisement to encourage their current viewers, which are mostly younger men, who are more likely to try gambling.

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