Champagne Bingo Takes Care of Your Pearly Whites

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 28/02/2010 18:08

We all hate going to the dentist, but it is important that we do this, particularly if we like smiling, so Champagne Bingo is really going to put a smile on your dial this weekend with the super prizes they have on offer. The competition is on and it is on for three electric toothbrush sets, which not only brush your teeth but polish them too, so at least you won't have to get this done at the dentist, although he/she will probably insist on it.

These professional electric toothbrushes take teeth cleaning to a whole new level, and make sure your pearly whites, stay pearly white, and they are rechargeable with lots of extras. Just try to get the most wins on the pattern "T" and if you are one of the three at the top of the leader board you will win.

Last week 3 electronic juicers were given away so three lucky winners no longer have to squeeze their fresh orange juice by hand. Boy do we need OJ in the UK too, what with the terrible winter we are having, I hope you get your shot of Vitamin C every day!

Speaking of Vitamin C for Champagne, make sure you get your dose of Champagne Bingo every day too. This is a brilliant site with lots to offer, so read the Weekend Gazette, and see what you can get up to this weekend that will offer some ways to win. There are lots of extras taking place every weekend, but you can also play during the week, the games are nearly as good.

Play the most games and get £200 in points, bingo on the Heat Pattern the most and get more bingo points. Bingo on the Gas Water and Electricity patterns and win your bill paid. Play bingo every Thursday to win alternating prizes of £500 holidays or Flat Screen TV's, and lots, lots more!

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