Champagne Bingo Makes Valentines Day Special

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 07/02/2010 09:54

This weekend Champagne Bingo has a lovely Valentines themed prize for players at the site. This is the weekend promotion and it plays every weekend without fail, only the pattern you play on and the prizes differ. They have a box of chocolates, a bunch of roses and a love balloon to send to the person of your choice if you are the one to win the most on the special flower pattern and with Valentines Day just around the corner, who could wish for anything better. Keep and eye on your inbox, because the winners will be notified by email on Monday the 8th and you have to respond and accept the prize by 6pm on the 8th! These gifts will be sent to the person of your choice on Valentines Day.

Last week Champagne Bingo had three bread makers to give away and it is congratulations to "ljpotts", "xFedUpAndPoorx" and "HookLineNbingo" for winning these marvelous kitchen gadgets.

What is your celebrity knowledge like? Because every weekend Champagne Bingo also has a celeb quiz to participate in! They want to know “Which US actor and star of Men in Black was arrested this week after drunkenly breaking into a bank with a loaded revolver – and claimed he thought he was in his own house?” If you know the answer, they want the full name and all correct answers are placed in the hat for a draw for 25 000 free bingo points.

Janaury's team bingo winners have also been announced and the champions are “the Bizz”. This team is already in third place for the February competition and with 1 million bingo points at stake, all avid bingo players at this site should participate in team bingo. This competition is worth one thousand pounds if you place a monetary value on the points and it is shard between all the team members.

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