Champagne Bingo - It's Not Just £££ Jackpots They Are Giving Away!

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 12/01/2010 07:32

Playing online bingo in the UK has advanced to such a degree that bigger and better prizes and promotions are being designed all the time, designed with the member in mind, to keep them winning and happy. At Champagne Bingo there are loads of opportunities to win all kinds of prizes, play free bingo, take advantage of bonuses and play with real entertainment in mind.

Another year has gone and it is 2010, the dawn of a new decade, this is bound to bode well for online bingo players in the UK, and in fact Europe too as the availability of high speed broad band expends. Champagne Bingo looks set to be the kind of site which will be able to stand up to such a demand. It is a well established site with many loyal members and of course even the standard monthly promotions have people scrambling to play and win.

One of the favorites at this site is the Bingo Pays the Bills promo, it is a standard promotion which runs every month and we see regular winners having their water, gas or electricity bills paid month after month. It is a case of trying to beat the competition in a game like this as you have to bingo on the pattern which represents these bills, and you have to do this through the course of the month.

The people who win this competition have got their eyes down and focused on the prize, because not only do they win the prize money in the game, they bingo the most on the pattern and win having their bills paid. Truth be told, if you can have fun playing bingo, win a bit and have a boring bill paid at the end of the month, you have that bit extra to spend on something else in these cash strapped times.

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