Champagne Bingo - Champagne Money Prizes, for Beer Money

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 27/02/2010 10:39

If you want to pay beer money for Champagne money prizes, then you have to play at Champagne Bingo. They have a lovely bingo games schedule, with big money prizes taking place all week long and on weekends the competition hots up even more. One alternate Thursday evenings they give away £500 holidays and flat screen televisions, and this site give away a lot of these more tangible prizes, so it is not only about cash winnings. Keep your eyes down at this site, because before too long they will be more than likely offering another annual cruise competition.

This weekend, the fun and games starts today, so start playing on the letter "T" pattern now. Because the more wins you have on this game, the more of a chance you have of winning one of three feature packed electric toothbrushes which will both clean and polish your teeth . This promotion runs from the 26th - 28th February 2010, and every week some outstanding prizes are up for grabs. Last week is was three top of the range juicers and these were won by "breadWINNERxx", only this time they were the juice winner, "hotbabe09" and "confused5"!

Want some help paying your bills? Great thane play Bingo Pays your bills at Champagne Bingo and when they pay your water, electricity or gas bill at the end of the month, you will have a lot more money left over to buy champagne. Some winners of this game, get one or other of their bills paid every month, so why not join in the fun and the competition. Who doesn't want someone else to pay their bills for them? Also look out for plenty of free bingo money being given away in weekend tourneys, and check out who is on top in the team bingo stakes.

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