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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 22/11/2008 17:00
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Back in the 1970s, The Sun and Daily Mirror newspapers indulged in what is now thought of as "Bingo Wars" in a bid to steal readers from the other. Always fiercely competitive, they tried to undercut each others with the best offers and the biggest jackpots. Now seen as something as a joke by the media community as a whole, the spirit of "Bingo Wars" lives on, as both newspapers now run online bingo websites. 
Although that fiercest of bingo-related rivalry may now be over, I can't help but feel that if the "Wars" were still running, The Sun bingo  have managed to score something of a slam dunk recently. In a world obsessed with celebrity culture, The Sun from Sunday November 16th to Thursday November 20th had well-known faces (or "voices", I suppose) call the numbers every night in their bingo games. Even though the "celebrities" on offer were magician Paul Daniels, 'I'm A Celebrity' winner Tony Blackburn, broadcaster and all-round irratator Vanessa Feltz, astrologer Russell Grant and Eastenders and Strictly Come Dancing star Phil Daniels (not exactly A List, are they?), apparently this gimmick went down so well that The Sun plan to have a new list of celebrities calling the balls in the near future. 
This isn't the first time that celebrities have played the part of bingo callers for online companies, with other so-called stars such as Fran Cosgrave (reality TV show regular), ex Big Brother contestant Alison Hammond and Sharon Osbourne have all taken a turn at saying "Eyes Down" or just joining in with games. Celebrity bingo endorsements rarely last and are rarely successful, but The Sun's recent run of celebrity callers may have bucked the trend, and a reality TV show reject may be coming to your favourite bingo site soon.

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