Celebrate the Planet's Oceans at Vic's Bingo and Win Millions

Celebrate the Planet's Oceans at Vic's Bingo and Win Millions

Written by: Andrej Vidovic on 01/06/2018 09:40
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Oceans are our planet's most treasured ecosystems. Taking up about ¾ of our planet, their significance cannot be overstated or overlooked. They are in grave danger from pollution, however, and that is why June 6th is being celebrated as World Ocean Day. This is not something that should have anything to do with bingo, not on the surface (pun intended) at least – but there is a connection, a rather profound one.

On June 6th, Vic's Bingo is hosting the World Ocean Day homage promotion called, the Ocean Treasure Grand Million Dollar Party – and the name really speaks for itself and delivers on the promise, as the total prize fund for this offer is $2,000,000 which is just beyond belief! But believe it, it's happening, and it's going on for 6-hours of fun between 9 PM and 3 AM EST with a vast variety of games played on this site. This promotion comes with once-in-a-lifetime offer of Buy 20, Get 16 Free and that concerns the entry cards you can buy for this. Here is what's going to happen on June 6th in terms of games played: 1) an hour of speed games with $5,000 prize on every 5th call, 2) $200,000 pots, 3) Fixed prizes of $5,000 for finding the fireworks pattern, 4) hourly coveralls with $15,000 prizes and 5) 50 BBs per correct game claim.

We know it's all so very enticing, but before you decide to take a dive into this ocean of games and prizes, take some time to get to know the site's T&C's. Then, you're free to enjoy the games!

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