Catholics Oppose For-Profit Bingo

Catholics Oppose For-Profit Bingo

Written by: ava carson on 30/10/2012 17:40

The Catholic Church has a long history for Bingo and has been most beneficial for local churches for raising funds. Due to the recent proposal to legalize bingo for non-profit bingo a group of demonstrating strongly oppose it.

The Keep Guam Good group along with the Archdiocese of Agana organized the protest.
Archbishop Anthony Apuron commented: "The community needs to make the point that we do not need bingo casinos on Guam".

Adding: "This is really a way to introduce casino gambling on Guam. If you read the initiative closely, it's all for the benefit of those that want to propagate casino gambling on Guam," he said. "We want to keep (the opposition) up. We've done so more than 20 years. Every time a ballot comes up as an initiative, people were wise enough to vote it down."

Legalizing bingo would have to be approved by voters and would allow bingo to be played at only Guam Greyhound and any adjacent property.

It is not the first time some form of gambling has been proposed. In fact it's the fourth time for casino gambling at Guam Greyhound Park since 2006. Resident voters rejected casino style gambling each time.

If passed 20% of the bingo profits would be required to turn in money collected to the government to help support education, health care and public safety.

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