Cashline Makes the Leap to Mecca's Online Bingo site

Cashline Makes the Leap to Mecca's Online Bingo site

Written by: kelly on 24/07/2011 13:35
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 Earlier in the week we briefly mentioned Mecca bingo’s new Cashline side game which has made the jump from land based club to their website. The game promises constant action in the bingo rooms because it can be played between and even during other bingo games.


Cashline Online

Mecca bingo has explained that the online version of Cashline is identical to that of its land based counterpart. The only real difference is that you can opt to play this game at home in your pajamas (if you like that sort of thing). Because it is played alongside otter bingo games you access it through the mini games tab in the room.

To start the game you can buy 1 to 4 game boards which are comprised of 16 smaller squares which contain numbers.

7 ways to win

The most popular aspect of cashline is that there is seven ways to win, Mecca have made playing the game even easier at the numbers are automatically ‘daubed off’ as they are called. The pattern games include Multi games, Topless, Bottomless, Full Monty, X marks the spot, Corner kick and picture frame. Full details of each of these games can be found on the Mecca bingo website.

We think its great that cashline has transitioned from the traditional bingo hall, this is how the whole online bingo boom started so its good to see more aspects can still be passed over - players can now enjoy it all from the comfort of their own home.

Have you played cashline yet? How do you think it compares to the land based game?

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