Cash for Questions at Tidy Bingo

Cash for Questions at Tidy Bingo

Written by: Nenad Ninic on 26/01/2014 17:25
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When our MPs are doing it, it’s a bad thing, but when Tidy Bingo are offering a bit of a bribe for answering a few simple questions… well, sign us up. The Tidy Quiz is the fun game that makes it worth your while to check your messages with a £2 cash prize that’s as easy as pie to win.

Everyone loves a quiz. You’ll see them popping up in bingo rooms all the time as the chat hosts chuck a question out with some bonus funds up for grabs. Those can be a bit of a lottery though, a test of touch typing skills as much as knowledge.

Tidy are making this test pretty simple too – all the answers you need are provided for you! All you have to do is pay attention. And the subject matter isn’t science, or geography or who was number 1 in the charts on January 22nd, 1955. No, it’s all about bingo.

To play, you’ll need to keep an eye on your Tidy Bingo mailbox. This doesn’t involve any mail that the site sends to you at your usual address, it’s an internal system and it’s very easy to keep on top of. As soon as you log on to the site you’ll see an inbox to the left of the screen telling you how many messages you have.

It’s always worth knowing what’s going on at your favourite site, but the date for your diary for the quiz is alternate Fridays.

The answers to the five questions will be found on Tidy’s Facebook page, so get along and give that a like, or on the Tidy Bingo blog, which you can access from the list at the top of most pages, just click at the far right.

Once you’ve done your research then just email your answers in before midnight of the same day and you’ll be enjoying your cash prize by the end of the following Monday.

It’s not going to make you rich but if you’re one of those people who don’t like free money then there may be no hope for you.

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