Carer Steals to Fund Bingo Addiction

Carer Steals to Fund Bingo Addiction

Written by: Glo Wood on 21/12/2013 17:20

The stories of theft just keep rolling in as the story of a bingo addicted carer stealing £43,000 from a 92-year-old woman made news.

Yvonne Palmer took Josephine Holehouse’s bank card and took as much as £1,000 each day which she spent on online bingo.

Palmer returned the card and ensured that Holehouse didn’t see the bank statements.

Not only did she steal from Holehouse but she forged letters to the bank requested transfers from the savings account for her to access.

Palmer finally got caught when she spent some of the stolen cash on a holiday and the bank statement came while she was out of town. It revealed 126 cash unauthorized cash withdrawals totaling £43,031.

Palmer admitted to the theft and it seems that her losses were £30,000 with the rest spent on various things. She was given jail time from the Exeter Crown Court and is dealing with her bingo addiction by attending Gamblers Anonymous.

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