Cancer Awareness Sweeps Bingo Halls

Cancer Awareness Sweeps Bingo Halls

Written by: ava carson on 22/01/2013 16:35

Waging a war on cancer volunteers are visiting bingo halls in an effort to bring awareness to players and the symptoms.

The Know 4 Sure campaign volunteers are spreading the word in the community and targeting supermarkets and shops as well. The volunteers are aka “Cancer Champions” who geared up to talk to the public about the potentially deadly disease.

Statistics show that people in Greater Manchester rank high in cancer and have the highest death rate in the nation. Awareness and early detection would aid in preventing the spread of the disease.

Symptoms will be discussed including less common ones. Four signs to pay close attention to are unexplained weight loss, pain that persists, lumps, and bleeding that is not from an injury.

Seeing a doctor in the early stages is more likely to be treatable and increases the chances of survival. Elderly people who are less inclined to seek medical attention will be encouraged to see a doctor.

The campaign will go on a bingo tour targeting over 50’s who are the most likely to get cancer.

Dr. Rona Cruickshank, cancer lead and consultant in public health, said: “You’re not wasting anyone’s time by getting your symptoms checked out – it might be a sign of something else that needs treatment.
“And if your symptoms persist, go back to your doctor – they’ll want to help.

“There is a lot of fear surrounding cancer. With campaigns like Know 4 Sure, we hope people will contact their GP sooner rather than later if they spot the signs, as taking action."
A healthy bingo player is the happiest player.

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by: okinman over 9 years ago
I think this is a great idea and an excellent way to get information to a highly varied target audience. I think even many people will want to go for the information and get hooked on the bingo!

Know 4 Sure sounds like a very worthwhile and helpful organization and I applaud their innovative efforts to bring more awareness to the public of the symptoms and signs of cancer. Even though it may seem like a scary topic, knowledge is power and you will need all the power you can muster should you or someone in your family or circle of friends receive a cancer diagnosis.

With all of the new innovations in cancer research and treatment it makes more sense than ever to be aware of the early warning signs. I hope that the bingo tour is a huge success and that it catches on with other organizations. We need all the bingo players on the planet that we can get, and we want to keep them here, healthy, and having fun!