Caesars Bingo Addresses Recent Bonus Glitch

Caesars Bingo Addresses Recent Bonus Glitch

Written by: Richard Sharp on 16/08/2011 08:20
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A glitch in the way users could spend their deposit at Caesars Bingo has resulted in the site losing out on tens of thousands of pounds. According to a report by the Guardian one family managed to ‘game’ the system for more than £3,000, one member even paid for an entire wedding by taking advantage of the problem.


The ‘Glitch’

Some would call it glitch, some a mistake whilst others would insist it was pure generosity. Up until last Thursday Caesars bingo allowed their players to use their bonus money to play bingo without touching their ‘real’ deposit.

Players where taking advantage of the 200% first deposit match, using the bonus money to play with and if they won withdrew the cash along with their initial deposit. Other sites will not allow money to be withdrawn until the entire bonus amount has been used up, this is common practice in the online bingo industry.


Caesars bingo have held their hands up and admitted part of the blame lays in their hands. They explained that the majority of players will keep their winnings gained from the glitch, in a statement they said,"If they [Caesars bingo players] are taking advantage of something that is our error they will get to keep the advantage. If there's fraud then there's an issue."

Some players have already had their account closed down due to suspicious activity and the sites terms and conditions have already been updated to reflect their new cash out policy.

So plainly some players may have overstepped the boundaries, opening several accounts and aliases to take advantage of the system. Other players with one account, who won probably won’t have an issue.

What do you think about the story?


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by: yobes over 12 years ago
If a glitch is found people are going to exploit it. Biggest questions is how long was it happening and how did the casino discover it.