Bug Set and Match to Win Hundreds of Thousands with Tombola

Bug Set and Match to Win Hundreds of Thousands with Tombola

Written by: Marija Stojakovic on 23/11/2020 09:00
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So, you’re a fan of the show? You must be, right, because you’ve come here! What would you say if I told you I wasn’t! Because it’s the truth! I really cannot stand I’m a Celeb or any other type of reality TV show, but that doesn’t mean we can’t win off the back of it! Tombola are the proud sponsors of the show and naturally, they want to shout that from the rooftops, and to celebrate the arrival of the 20th series, they’re hosting epic giveaways and promotions to whip up a frenzy!

Usually, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is filmed in sunnier climbs – Australia to be precise, but with everything that’s going on, they’re filming from a dark, old castle in cold North Wales! Despite the scenery being different, the challenges are still very much going ahead and if you’re paying attention, you could win yourself some goodies – and cash!

Are you quick on the keyboard, quick to react…

…and on Facebook? If so, you’ve a chance of winning £100 in real money credited to your tombola account, but the challenge set before you is a tough one. No, there’s no need to start digging up the garden to rustle up a worm-ravioli or snail spaghetti, you just need to have Tombola Facebook page open and wait for an ad-break. When you see the post appear with bugs and a reference to #tombolabugsontv, you have just 2-minutes to pop your username and that hashtag – here it is again; #tombolabugsontv, to be in with a chance of winning!

Bug Cash Prizes

No deposit bingo games and promotions are thin on the ground nowadays, we can blame new regulations for that, but Tombola believe in giving players free chances to win not just a couple of quid – but thousands! Not only is there a free-to-play daily game to win £5,000 (it’s called 4Free), but now there’s a bug Match freebie (an instant win) where you can win up to £10K each day! No deposit needed for either! And both deliver two chances to win – so four in total, across the bingo and arcade site.

Staying with the arcade for ‘£5K for Keeps’ now, and if you stake £1 between 8pm and 10pm (after opting in), on any game – from drop to spin, you will be in the next day’s random draw for £5,000 in cold hard cash! Daily draws guarantee there to be a £5K winner each day up until December 4th, so there’s plenty of time to take part – and win!

Last but by no means least it’s…

…the big linked up full house game, and it is what it is; a full house game that is linked with all the other rooms for one epic cash prize. Every evening at 10pm in the Binog90 room, the full house winner will scoop £20,000 in guaranteed cash – if there are more than the one winner, then it is shared equally. Tickets cost between 10p and £2 and these games will be running until the end of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, which is December 4th.

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