Buckingham Bingo Sells off Luckiest Bingo Club

Buckingham Bingo Sells off Luckiest Bingo Club

Written by: Nikola Zugic on 29/03/2011 15:35

Which is the luckiest bingo club in the UK? One which could make a pretty strong claim to this title has just been sold.

A Lucky Purchase?

The Buckingham Bingo Club in Bradford, on Bridge Steet to be exact, won the title of Luckiest Bingo Hall in Yorkshire a couple of years back. At the tail end of 2009 three punters won big there on consecutive days. The combined wins added up to a lovely £50,000.

So how much does a lucky bingo hall fetch on the open market these days? Try the thick end of £10 million and you are just about there.

The Scottish based bingo group run by Fraser Capital Management has bought the Bradford club and others from the Buckingham Bingo chain in Preston, Peterlee and Liverpool. These will be added to the company’s 3 bingo clubs which operate in Scotland and Wales under the Bingo 3000 banner.

Fraser Capital Management expects that these additions to their portfolio of bingo halls to make their annual turnover jump from £5 million to around £20 million.

Fraser has also bought three clubs in Manchester and one each in Preston, Peterlee and Liverpool, which will boost the turnover over the next 12 months from £5 million to £20 million. The purchase was partly funded by the Clydesdale Bank.

In regards to the staff, the current Fraser Capital workforce of 120 will be swollen to almost 500 now. Their new clubs are going to be rebranded as part of the Bingo 3000 chain and the official word is that “good service and value for money” are going to continue to be the keys for the halls.

Let’s just hope the luck holds out for the Bradford punters under the new name.

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