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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 01/09/2009 21:00
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It’s Broadband Week over at Gala Bingo. Do you know all about it? One of the biggest online bingo sites in the UK is Gala Bingo. That’s why you can expect nothing but great promotions over at their site. The online bingo site is offering free bingo each day and every week, they are giving away more than ten thousand pounds of free bingo money. This is why they are one of the most popular and most favorite online bingo sites in the UK.

Gala Bingo offers a couple of jackpot games that offer prizes of only a couple of pounds. But these are usually the free bingo games or the penny games that offer the lower prizes. There are however, a lot of bingo games to look forward to at Gala Bingo offering hundreds to thousands of pounds in jackpot prizes. If however you want to go with the free bingo games, you can start playing from nine o’clock in the morning until twelve midnight. These free bingo games are offered at the regional clubs such as the North, South, Midlands, Scotland, and the Wales bingo rooms.

And now, what we really want to discuss about is the Broadband Week over at Gala Bingo. They are offering a couple of bonus codes that you can use for their Broadband Week. Twenty players at Gala Bingo get a bonus of fifteen pounds for their Broadband Bill Week. This is actually to cover your costs for your broadband bill. After all, you need that broadband to connect to Gala Bingo. That’s why they are offering to pay for the lucky twenty players’ broadband bills! These codes are valid until the 30th of August. You can use these codes when you deposit a minimum of five pounds into your account. Just type in SUNINTERNET for Sunday or MONINTERNET for Monday and wait if you are one of the lucky recipients of the fifteen pounds to pay for your broadband bill!

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