Brits Bingo Stand By Gavin Henson

Brits Bingo Stand By Gavin Henson

Written by: Glo Wood on 09/04/2012 12:30
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The face of Brits Bingo has been misbehaving and the bingo giant stands by his side.

As one of Gavin Henson’s biggest sponsors, Brits Bingo has been vocal regarding their continued support of the rugby player despite his bad behavior. Nestle dropped their sponsorship deal with Henson after a drunken flight from Glasgow to Cardiff got him kicked off the Cardiff Blues. Henson was reportedly tossing around ice cubes and some of the staff even refused to serve him.

Anthea Michael, Director of Brits Bingo, said, “Gavin’s behaviour really doesn’t change anything for us. Anyone who knows Gavin knows he’s a lovely guy and a real gentleman. We have known him personally for over a year now. He has two lovely children and he’s a brilliant father – no one can take that away from him. Sometimes things just get blown out of all proportion."

A rep from Nestle said, “We recruited Gavin because he is a committed father of two, but we decided to terminate the contract in light of reports about his unacceptable behaviour.”

Michael further commented, “We were surprised he was sacked for his behaviour and we will not act so impulsively. We certainly don’t condone his behaviour, but he is a celebrity and his celebrity profile goes up and down all the time. This is obviously a down moment for him, but he’s bound to be on the up again soon. These things blow over. He’s very popular with our customers and this will not lower him in their estimation.”

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