Brits Bingo Makes 2011 Worst Advert List

Brits Bingo Makes 2011 Worst Advert List

Written by: ava carson on 23/12/2011 18:20
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The UK has seen an explosion of bingo adverts across their television screens. While most are getting up during the program break to grab a snack or a beverage, there are some adverts that leave us planted in our seats.

Some adverts are very clever and are persuasive enough to check out the online bingo sites. But when the ads are bad viewers may find themselves reaching for the mute button or changing the channel quickly.

Less than desirable adverts sometimes have the opposite affect, as viewers are mesmerized at how awful the campaign really is.

Campaign Magazine rated the top ten worst adverts for 2011 and Brits Bingo made the list coming in at second place. The promotion featured Welsh rugby player Gavin Hanson looking sexy shirtless and goes down hill from there as he ends up in a living room with a lovely lady, laptop and a struggle for Brits Bingo online bingo game.

The negative media attention is better than none at all as bingo players’ clamor to their TV’s in hopes to catch a glimpse once more.

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