Brasingo Launches for Latin American Market

Brasingo Launches for Latin American Market

Written by: Glo Wood on 17/04/2014 17:55

Latin America has been introduced to a new social brand of bingo called Brasingo. The new game is currently available on Facebook with a mobile launch in the works.

Vitoria is the main character in the game and she and her dog, Brasingo, search Latin America for treasures.

The first room is Amazon Bingo and players will move through various rooms representing cities and landmarks.

You’ll start of with 2,000 coins in the beginning with daily coins awarded.

Bingo Crusher is a bonus game that is included and requires players to match up colored balls to obtain artifacts.

“To capture the interest of this increasingly discerning group requires something different. We are confident that they are going to love both Brasingo and Bingo Crusher,” said Barsingo spokesman David Marcus.

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