Brasingo Bingo on the Cards

Brasingo Bingo on the Cards

Written by: Jeannie on 31/05/2011 15:35

You will never hear us saying no to a new online bingo site, so it is with opens arms that we welcome Brasingo Bingo to the internet wagering world.

Bingo, Games, Sports and Dating?

There aren’t a lot of details to go on at the moment but we are picking up vibes of a sporty, Brazilian influence with a whiff of dating options and a lot of different games. Hmmm, what can this be about?
The Brasingo Bingo site’s logo clearly shows a Brazilian flag with a bingo ball on it, but as it is a UK oriented site it seems that this is just something which has been thrown it to give it an exotic touch with a bit of glamour.

There looks like being a lot of different types of bingo and casino games going on but it is the addition of a dating service and sports betting which have put the cat among the feathers in the online bingo world. Can Brasingo Bingo really pull off a site which has all of this crammed into it?

We recently reported on how the social aspect of online bingo is becoming increasingly important and how some people have even ended up in smoochy romances thanks to bingo sites, but is such an open attempt to attract single bingo players going to be Brasingo Bingo’s trump card or its downfall? Time will tell.

For the moment all we can really do is have a look around the half finished site and try to work out what it will be like. It certainly looks as though it will be an easy site to use, and the addition of a lot of sports features and some opening deposit offers should see some people join up in the early days. Let’s give it a try when it’s live and see if it works.

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