Bow Wow Bingo Fundraiser Postponed Until New Year

Bow Wow Bingo Fundraiser Postponed Until New Year

Written by: kelly on 21/10/2011 08:55

We’ve always said that bingo is a great way to raise money for charity and we’ve seen a spate of games recently for different causes. Last week we reported about a school using bingo to bridge budget cut backs, we’ve seen bingo fundraisers for various charities but we’ve never seen one for an animal charity.


Until now that is, because the Windsor/Essex County Humane society recently arranged their second ‘Bow Wow’ bingo event to raise money. It was planned for this week, but due to various circumstances the group has decided to postpone the event until the new year. 

The event will include 14 rounds of bingo, with real cash prizes and refreshments for anyone who attends. The events organiser, Julie Bortolotti said, "Unfortunately, ticket sales for this event [the postponed event]  were lower than we had hoped so we have postponed it until sometime in the New Year (date to be announced).

The group has also set up a Facebook page where members, well wishers and attendees can discuss the event and mark whether they can attend future events.

About the society

The Windsor/Essex County Humane society started with humble roots, with a founding member caring for animals in their garden. Since then it has grown to be a state of the art care and animal control center for the entire state. As a non profit organization all funds are used to directly benefit the animals in care, with thousands to look after it’s clear to see why fundraisers such as the ‘Bow Wow’ bingo event are so important.

We wish them the best of luck with all their future fundraisers, let us know if you’ve attended a charity bingo event in the past. If so, what was it for and was it a success?

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by: Richard over 10 years ago
We've had another email from the Bow Wow bingo organisers, they have promised that another event will be arranged for the new year. More details will be posted on their site at a later date.