Bookkeeper Embezzles £42,000 Claiming It Was Bingo Wins

Bookkeeper Embezzles £42,000 Claiming It Was Bingo Wins

Written by: ava carson on 12/11/2012 16:25

It is either a case of stealing from her employer or winnings from playing bingo to account for the large sum of money in bank account or maybe a bit of both.

Patricia Henderson, a bookkeeper for Andrew Clark Slaters’ roofing firm allegedly stole £42,886 over year’s span between April 2009 and October 2010.

The 45 year old defendant pled not guilty to embezzlement charges stating that some of the money was from bingo wins.

According to Henderson’s lawyer he told the court her defense is a series of bingo wins and that is what justifies the cash in her bank account.

Defence solicitor Lynn McVicar said: "We are still awaiting a meeting with a forensic accountant, and need to await the outcome of that consultation before proceeding.

"Part of the defence is that there were a number of bingo winnings during the course of this period, and that requires us to do a manual search of records at the bingo company's head office in the south of England.

"We anticipate that information will be available in a week. It is quite a complicated case and there are avenues we require to explore."

Fiscal depute Trina Sinclair said: "There is no objection to a continuation."
The case is ongoing and will resume next where an investigation will be built for the defence.

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by: okinman over 9 years ago
Shame on all bingo criminals! the fact that the defense claims "some" of the money is from bingo wins doesn't make it any better. I'll bet that those bingo winnings came from cards bought with some of the stolen money from the employer!

I am always glad to see justice served in the bingo arena. There are too many players out there just scraping by and getting their only entertainment from playing bingo. Rascals who steal from the sites or who cheat these players in any way should be punished to the full extent of the law.

It doesn't matter if the stealing is done online or on land. It looks bad on the bingo club when an employee is able to get their hands on the bingo money. In this case, it wasn't an employee of a bingo club, but a patron. And I am not sure how thorough the bookkeeping is on players' wins at the clubs, but I hope they are able to track down the cash trail on this player.