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Written by: Nikola Zugic on 23/09/2009 15:00
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How would you like to BOGOF with Ladbrokes Bingo? No, this is not a rude word! BOGOF is a well respected term or acronym if you like, which indicates when you buy one ticket you get one free. Playing these games is a great way to make your money go further and double your fun, you can play in twice as many games as you might normally be able to afford according to your bingo budget, and if you haven’t got a bingo budget, you really should have one that you stick to.
You can really load up on tickets if you play BOGOF every Monday in the Lounge, and this promotion takes place every single week. Games play between 9 and 11am and then again from 7 – 8pm in the evening. You can claim up to 18 BOGOF tickets when you play and you will receive the same, so you can really max out if you are determined to win a game. There are also some special games where you can buy 30 and receive 30, but the game schedule with tell you what you need to know in this respect.
One way to earn even more free money for playing bingo at Ladbrokes is to join in the fun and get involved in the Char Games, there plenty of these going and they are a great way to get roomies warmed up and raring to go in the chat rooms. You will find games like Horse Race, Birthday Bingo, Ask the Audience, Phone a Friend, 50/50 and many others. Many of these games are only found in the Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Room, so check first where to find them, they cost you nothing to play, so you have nothing to lose by joining in the fun.

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