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Written by: Jeannie on 30/04/2010 13:25
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Bloke Bingo has found a great way to spice up the May Day Bank Holiday Weekend – 10 percent cashback for everyone! This extremely generous offer is available all weekend long, from 00:01am on Saturday 1st May all the way until 23:59pm on Monday 1st May – just to make sure you squeeze every last drop of value out of your weekend!

How does it work?

Bloke Bingo have pledged to give all eligible players 10 percent cashback on their online bingo stakes this weekend, meaning you will still technically win something even if you don’t manage to win on the games you play.

In true bloke style, Bloke Bingo have made it as easy as pie to participate in the cashback scheme this weekend – there’s next to no effort required. All you have to do is receive your invite from Bloke Bingo, then sit back, relax, play bingo as normal and wait for the cashback to roll in!

This exclusive promotion is available this May Day Bank Holiday Weekend only, so you’d be an absolute fool to miss out on claiming a pile of free cashback bonuses – all whilst playing your favourite online bingo games!


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